4 Blinc Tubing Mascaras For Different Looks & Lash Types

(Natural Effect)
Amplified Tubing Mascara
(Soft Glam Effect)
Lash Extension Tubing Mascara
(Lash Extension Effect)
UltraVolume Tubing Mascara
(False Lash Effect)
Original Tubing Mascara

It’s a gentle boost on your lash length, definition, and shape to give a natural look. This mascara may be the one for you if you…

Want a light mascara that’s unfazed by oily skin

Are a 1-layer-of-mascara kind of person 

Have full and/or dark lashes and don’t want extreme volume 

Enjoy a natural lash look

Love a minimalist everyday look

Need a mascara that’s kind to sensitive skin and eyes

Amplified Tubing Mascara

It’s the original with more oomph, giving a soft glam look. This mascara may be for you if you…

Like the low-maintenance Original mascara, but with more boost

Want a daily mascara that doesn’t bother your skin or eyes

Love mascara that’s reliably “racoon-eye free” (no matter how oily the complexion!)

Enjoy a lash look that’s more than naked lashes, but less than false lashes

Want a natural look with slightly more definition and volume

Lash Extension Tubing Mascara

This formula is all about striking length and extreme definition- the liquid lash extension look. This may be your mascara if you…

✓ Love your lashes to have sky-high length

✓ Want a mascara that will treat and nourish your lashes 

✓ Need a mascara that won’t flake and irritate your sensitive eyes

✓ Want a Lash Extensions effect in a semi-matte finish

✓ Like to use a mascara with a molded brush instead of a fiber brush

✓ Have full lashes that need separation 

UltraVolume Tubing Mascara

This formula gives you the max volume—the false lash look. This may be your mascara if you…

Love the near-falsies look without the hassle of false lashes 

Have fine, thin lashes that usually need multiple layers of mascara

Enjoy all the lash volume, length, and definition you can get

Like adding more layers later in the day

Want volume, but have oily skin prone to shedding mascaras (oil doesn’t move blinc)

Want volume, but have sensitive skin/eyes that can’t tolerate mascara flaking (blinc is flake-free)

How To Apply Tubing Mascara


Start with clean & dry lashes. If you choose to curl, do it first with a heated curler (safer for your lashes).


Apply like a traditional mascara. Start with the brush close to the base of your eyelid for ideal separation, then brush upwards.


Original sets in 60-90 seconds, then you can no longer build. With Amplified, Lash Extension & UltraVolume, you can build as desired.

How To Remove Tubing Mascara

No need for 3+ makeup removal products. No more aggressively rubbing your eyes and dealing with floating specks.

Since this isn’t your regular oil based mascara, oil and water-based makeup removers aren’t necessary.

All you need to do is thoroughly wet your lashes and apply light pressure. We recommend gently using plenty of water and your fingers, a damp cotton pad, or a damp washcloth. This loosens the tubes enough to come off. The tubes will slide off your eyelashes like a cap off a pen.  

Tubing mascara encases each lash in a single tube. The tubes will slide off in a whole piece, not in flakes. In fact, removing your mascara might look like your lashes are falling out. We promise, these are just the tubes—your lashes are safe and sound. 

This removal process is less  for your eyes and the skin around them. It doesn’t require the rubbing that makeup removers need. Plus, the mascara doesn’t leave a tint or residue behind. No more renegade eye specks and gray tears!

Makeup removers (especially oil-based ones) don’t work on blinc mascaras. Water-based removers may work, but have mixed results.

We recommend FIRST removing your blinc mascara with plenty of water and light pressure, THEN completing the rest of your makeup removal routine.

Should I use a primer?
We all want to simplify our makeup routine, but adding a primer can help boost the mascara details you’ve been looking for. You might get even more out of your look with a primer if you:

◉ want to condition your lashes before going to bed
◉ have trouble keeping your lashes separated when applying mascara by itself
◉ want to build some lash volume before applying your mascara
◉ would like to have a nourishing layer over your lashes

We recommend the black primer if you’d like to use a black or dark brown mascara. We recommend the white primer if you’d like to use a colored mascara.
Black Primer White Primer
Should I use heated curlers?
The regular scissor-handled eyelash curlers are easy to find and use. So why a heated lash curler? You’ll enjoy a heated lash curler if:

◉ you use a curler for your lashes, but it doesn’t hold its shape
◉ you can’t seem to avoid the lash “dent” with regular curlers
◉ your lashes stick out/curl too much with traditional curlers
◉ you want to achieve a specific lash-fanning shape
◉ you worry about tearing or breaking your lashes with a traditional curler (it happens!)
◉ you find that traditional curlers don’t keep your lashes separated

We recommend using a heated lash curler on clean lashes before applying any product.
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The OG tubing mascara — adds both volume and length without smudging or flaking.

It’s great for sensitive eyes or those prone to watering at the most inconvenient of times.

Finally [blinc's tubing mascara], a mascara that won't irritate sensitive eyes.

[blinc Mascara Amplified] won’t pull off your lashes like many other waterproof products.


blinc's new (original) tubing mascara truly achieves the impossible.


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No raccoon eyes, no irritation

Flake-free with sensitive eyes, contacts, oily or sweaty skin, humid weather, and long days.