Buying High-End Cosmetics Wholesale? Consider These 9 Things First.

Buying High-End Cosmetics Wholesale? Consider These 9 Things First.

Is your branded makeup wholesaler giving you

quality AND convenience?


Buying wholesale cosmetics is supposed to make your life easier as a business owner, right? So why do so many make it difficult?

 You’re ready to start shopping, but you’ve got multiple steps before you can.

Creating an account.

Discovering the hoops you have to jump through just to start shopping.

Weighing what’s worth stocking (and what’s a good deal).

 When you’re buying high-end cosmetics wholesale, the wholesaler shouldn’t make ordering inventory a second job for you. 

Here are 9 things to consider when looking into stocking quality cosmetics.

1.  Is creating an account with the wholesaler easy?

    You're a busy business owner. And time is money. If you're ready to begin stocking your spa, salon, or clinic with high-end cosmetics, the startup process should be as easy as possible.

    Shopping wholesale is a bit more involved than buying as the consumer. Since you're selling a product to a customer, you’ll need a wholesale license to buy wholesale products. You’ll also need an employee identification number (EIN) to sell in the US. That's why many wholesale sellers will ask for one or both of these documents when you create an account.

    Does the wholesaler you’re considering make that process easy? They should. For example, on our blinc B2B website sign-up, you can upload your business license or wholesale license as a picture taken on your phone. 

    No having to scan your license with a finicky printer. No need to input all the individual numbers. 

    2. Can you do your wholesale shopping after business hours?

      This is a must if you work standard business hours. Let's be honest–as a business owner, you’re putting in more hours than that! Thankfully, with online shopping, this isn't usually a problem.

      But what if you have time-sensitive questions while you're shopping? That's when it can get tricky. It's a red flag if the help resource available is a phone line that’s only available during business hours. If a 24/7 phone line isn't available, branded makeup wholesale businesses should have a chatbot or fast-response email option. 

      And what if you have problems, such as a missing order? Always make sure that your wholesaler has clear (and fast) next steps for what to do if there's a snag in your order. 

      3. Is your shipping free?

      While it's not a bonus every high-end cosmetics wholesaler has, free shipping can make a huge difference in your inventory budget. Especially if you're buying a ton of products.

      If the wholesaler does charge for shipping, make sure you calculate this before you place your order. The wholesale deal may not be worth it if you have to shoulder the cost of shipping! 

      Remember to always plan for standard shipping times if you're looking for the best shipping deals. If you need to overnight from 2nd-day ship inventory, your wholesale deal may not be as much of a bargain.

      If you’re shopping blinc mascara wholesale (or any of our blinc wholesale cosmetics), your shipping is always free. Even on the minimum order!

      4.  Is the product you're ordering too trendy?

      Seasonal and ultra-trendy inventory can look amazing in the cart…then gather dust on your shelves. As fun and shiny as trendy inventory can be, sell what you know your customers want.

      The best way to know what your customers want is..your experiences with them! 

      What are some things that your clients aren't sure they can get in time for the event they need? 

      What are products you know your customers constantly get and hate waiting for? 

      What products do you know your clients would LOVE to walk home with if they tried it that very day? 

       5. Can you get the wholesale branded cosmetics you actually want?

      You know what inventory you need best. But many wholesale sellers will offer package deals that aren't exactly what you’re looking to stock. 

      Maybe it's a single product in a huge quantity. Or maybe it's a mixed set when you really need specific products.

      As you shop high-end wholesale cosmetics, make sure you’re not forced to get mixed sets or single products in bulk when you don’t need it.

      At blinc, not only can you buy individual products wholesale–you can get specific mixed sets, like our vegan kit or our mascara only kit

      6. Is the supply size conducive to your storage?

      Do you have a place to put your order once it arrives? If you're starting out (or have super limited space), it's important that your inventory doesn’t overwhelm your space. Your spa, salon, or clinic shouldn’t sacrifice its aesthetic for storage!

      Product packaging makes a big difference. Get familiar with the size of the packaging of the wholesale products you're ordering. It’ll help you gauge how much space you have to spare once your order arrives. 

      If you’re buying blinc mascara wholesale, we know how important space is to you. That's why our largest display is a mere 12in by 13.5 inches–yet can display over 60 products.

      7.  Will the wholesaler force you to overstock?

      What's the minimum order? If your wholesale supplier has great prices, but a high minimum order, you may be stuck with an overwhelming amount of inventory.

      When you buy blinc cosmetics and blinc mascara wholesale, our minimum order is only $150. Pick what you need without sweating about buying excess!

      8. Can you get a display (or is it on you?

      You ordered your inventory, and it's arrived at your door. But do you then go buy some containers or jerry-rig something out of cardboard? 

      If you're working with a good reseller, this should never happen. Planning your own display can be a huge headache.

      A good wholesale distributor will give you display options made specifically for the products you’re ordering.

      9. Can you make returns?

      What happens if you made a huge order…then realize you put in the wrong color? 

      What if the product that arrives is close…but not quite the right product?  

      Or your product comes in damaged? 

      Or something completely different from what you ordered arrives? 

      A good branded makeup wholesaler should always have a fair return policy. They should never make you feel like there's no way to back out once you hit “pay for order.”

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