Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.

Blinc UltraVolume Is The Best Mascara Ever. Here’s Why.


When it comes to mascara, there’s always something to sacrifice. Whether it’s choosing a waterproof formula that’s impossible to remove or a full-lash look that smudges throughout the day, something always has to give.

That’s why our team at Blinc got to work to create the impossible: a mascara that combines ultra longwear and effortless removal with a buildable, lifted, full-glam look.

Meet our UltraVolume Tubing Mascara.

Almost two decades after we solved the problems associated with traditional mascaras of flaking, smudging and running with our core tubing technology, UltraVolume’s dramatic length and volume rivals even traditional mascaras.

How? UltraVolume forms water-resistant tubes around each lash with its 360 fiber (4mm ultra-thin), SoftTouch application brush to create dynamically spaced, defined and eye-popping lashes that last through exercise, long-hours and even sleep.

Despite staying on better than even the most effective waterproof mascaras, UltraVolume comes off easily with just water and gentle pressure. That means you can protect your eyes from long term irritation and wrinkling by doing away with harsh, stripping makeup removers without sacrificing long-lasting results.

Trusted by makeup artists, athletes and business people alike, the all in one mascara comes in an ultra-black, semi-matte finish to ensure you look sleek no matter where the day takes you.

At Blinc, we always want you to feel good about the products you use. Not only because they make you feel confident, but because they’re kind to our world. That’s why our UltraVolume Tubing Mascara is Cruelty-Free, Clean, Vegan and free of Gluten and Fragrance. Also, UltraVolume's secondary packaging is FSC certified and the primary packaging is made from 100% PCR.

We can’t wait for you to give it a try.